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RERUN – Ep. 159 – Anxiety Attacked
byLiving Waters

In today's episode the guys discuss anxiety, an unfortunate mark of our modern lives. Everything about the modern age is intended to make us feel most comfortable, yet this is clearly not working. This is because we are not meant to be the center of our own universes. For example, God created us to till the ground and have a relationship with the food we eat and the environment around us. As humans, we were intended to spend uninterrupted time in Creation.

The guys define anxiety as a feeling of worrying or unease, typically about some outcome. By looking for distractions from our anxiety, we are actually diving deeper into our anxiousness in the long run. It is rest that our body needs to defeat anxiety, not busyness. When Peter saw a resurrected Jesus with his own eyes, his anxiety disappeared. To overcome anxiety, we should orient our lives in such a way that points us to Christ through prayer and meditation and take extended time to disconnect from music and technology to truly converse with God and spend time in His creation. When we are disconnected from the earth, we are missing out on God and His gift to us.

We so easily forget that we are promised an eternity with the Lord. God gives us sacred moments to remember this truth, but we must make our eyes available to notice them. The more we really see these instances, the more anxiety dissipates. Then, they make the distinction between genuine concern and anxious worrying. Issues are not issues at all, but rather the steppingstones to get us to where we are meant to be. The great antidote to anxiety is to speak with God. When we go before God in prayer, we go before our father who knows and loves us unconditionally for who we are and has a plan for our lives. 

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