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Ep. 268 – Lessons From the Life of John the Baptist
byLiving Waters

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Ray, E.Z., Mark, and Oscar dive into the life of John the Baptist, His life is one of profound humility, unwavering faith, and a steadfast commitment to God's purpose. John the Baptist, a humble man clothed in camel hair, was a voice in the wilderness, pointing out people's transgressions and preparing the way for Jesus. He exemplified humility, saying he must decrease so the Lord could increase.

John’s ministry pointed to Jesus, showing us our role in doing the same. In the Old Testament, high priests offered sacrifices to cover sins temporarily, but Jesus, whom John called the Lamb of God, came to take away sins permanently. When Elizabeth, John’s mother, and Mary, Jesus’ mother, greeted each other, John leaped in Elizabeth’s womb, showing that life and joy exist even before birth. This demonstrates that even a fetus is made in God's image. John worshiped his Creator even in the womb, illustrating the sanctity of life.

The guys touch on how John preached repentance, a message often resisted both in his day and in ours. Repentance should not be seen as a threat but as an invitation to return to our Creator. Understanding the death that comes with sin highlights the necessity of repentance, which is a joyous and beautiful return to God. True repentance produces visible fruit in one's life.

John declared that he was not worthy to carry Jesus' sandals, contrasting with some modern preachers who seek to build their own followings. He reminded people that they must decrease for Christ to increase, exemplifying humility by acknowledging his unworthiness compared to Jesus. Even when John baptized Jesus, he felt unworthy.

Later, John asked Jesus if He was the awaited Savior, a moment that may seem like doubt. Despite John's early recognition of Jesus and his role in baptizing Him, he experienced uncertainty before his execution. Jesus reassured him, calling John the greatest born of woman. The guys emphasize that the strength of  John’s faith didn't save him; it was the strength of its object—Jesus. We must decide whether to be offended by Christ or to bow to Him, recognizing that our spirit should desire to have sin removed.

John preached God's law fearlessly, even before a king. The king ultimately commanded his beheading, showing that sin seeks to destroy truth and conviction. John’s fate is a reminder of sin’s destructive power and the need for unwavering commitment to God’s truth. John the Baptist's life was a testament to decreasing so that Christ could be seen. We should follow his example, living lives full of Christ to glorify God, for He is worthy of all.

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