Father Spirit Son in Action
Father Spirit Son in Action

Join Pastor Maribel as she teaches God’s Word with the hope that you will know God more intimately. Maribel pastors Jesus is Alive Community Church in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.
Languages spoken: Tagalog, English

Evidence Of The New Life
bySound of Faith Broadcasting

The moment we truly accepted and received Jesus in our lives, tremendous changes will surely take place. His actions  never stop, working on our behalf, orchestrating events for us behind the scene just for us to have an amazing and blessed life. It’s all because the will of God that we become His living testimony of His love, goodness and power.

Evidence Of The New Life
The Lordship of Jesus
Fight The Good Fight of Faith
The Assurance of Salvation (Part 2)
The Assurance of Salvation (Part 1)
The Good News (Part 2)
The Good News (Part 1)
Three Years Proclaiming The Gospel Of Christ
God Can Remember Your Sin No More
The Test Of Real Faith (Part 2)

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