WILD LIFE Summer Camp

Faith Church is ready to get WILD this summer with a 5 day summer camp series from the Gospels on Spiritual Habits!

They’ll get kids thinking about the weirdest animals they know. Like, what noise does an aardvark make? Is an axolotl really smiling? Are glass frogs made of real glass? Is a wombat a type of bat? They’ll learn that it’s WILD that God helps each animal grow and thrive… and us, too! Wild Life is 5-day adventure where kids discover how special they are to God and how wild it is that they can share their story, use their gifts, spend time with God, and spend time with others.
With a WILD guest appearance on Friday from Hands On Exotics where kids will get to experience God’s WILD creatures LIVE at Faith Church!

REGISTER NOW at www.faithchurch.ca SPACES LIMITED

Event Details
Begin July 8, 2024 H 9:00 am
End July 12, 2024 H 12:00 pm

Your generous donations will transform lives and help others grow in their relationship with Jesus!

Unit C – 24 McIntyre Place,
Kitchener, Ontario N2R 1H7
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